Performance Santa Fe Foundation

The Performance Santa Fe Foundation ensures the long-term financial viability of Performance Santa Fe. The Board of Directors oversees the Foundation endowment, monitoring the work of professional advisors to assure prudent financial management. The Foundation encourages friends of Performance Santa Fe to remember the Foundation in their wills by considering the flexibility of a charitable bequest. A charitable bequest will not go into effect until after the donor’s passing, and has the flexibility of being changeable or revocable at any time.

If you are interested in considering a charitable bequest, or any other kind of planned giving, please contact Katie Rountree at, Amy Iwano at or 505 984 8759.

The Legacy Society

Individuals who have remembered the Foundation with a charitable bequest are invited to become a member of the Legacy Society, created to honor those who have chosen to remember Performance Santa Fe in their estate planning.


Don Van Doren, president
Tana Bidwell, secretary
Ben Alaimo-Monson
Robin Black
David Marion
Timothy Mitchell
Selby Key
Jack Larson
Natalie Beller