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In close partnership with local education agencies, Performance Santa Fe’s award-winning education programs bring the vibrant world of music, dance, and theater to life for the young people of our community.  These programs seek to enhance the role of the performing arts by inspiring greater awareness of their educational, cognitive, and emotional power.

By encouraging an active and experiential study of the arts, Performance Santa Fe advances the belief that all human beings are inherently creative.  These programs are designed to build on that creativity by equipping schoolchildren with the skills necessary for a life-long engagement with the arts and an understanding of their essential contribution to enlightened citizenship. 

Every year, we provide inspiring performances, innovative programs, and life-changing interaction with world-renowned performing artists to more than 3,000 students in 24 local schools.  These programs serve as a catalyst for academic achievement, enriched creativity, mental well-being, and personal growth. 

In a community where nearly 70% of students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, Performance Santa Fe is committed to providing unique opportunities to enhance the learning process through the performing arts by offering these programs at absolutely no cost to participants.  These programs are funded entirely by foundations, grants, and individual donors.


Our Education Programs

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field trip series

This series provides local students, including every 5th and 6th grader in the Santa Fe public school district, with the opportunity to experience student matinee performances from our extraordinary lineup of international performing artists.

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arts for life

Arts for Life supports existing chorus, band, world music, orchestra, guitar, dance, and theater programs in the Santa Fe Public Schools by engaging professional musicians and arts educators to work alongside the classroom teachers.

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masterclass series

Through the Masterclass Series, aspiring young musicians, dancers, and actors have the unique opportunity to interact and work closely with the internationally-renowned mainstage artists we present in an intimate masterclass setting.

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Your Support Matters

As always, our education programs come at NO COST to the students they serve and are 100% funded by the generosity of donors like you.
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