Performance Santa Fe believes in fostering the future of music in concert halls and public schools, and supporting the next generation of musicians and dancers. That means providing Santa Fe youth with ongoing exposure to the world’s best performing musicians. The involvement of students with music and performers through our programs and mentorships builds self-esteem, responsibility and problem-solving skills. Our programs foster independence, discipline and creative passion for the arts on many levels, inspiring and nourishing our children who will grow to shape the world they live in. Our award winning education programs reach 5,000 children every year.

Education Sponsors

Many thanks to the individual and corporate supporters who gave special gifts designated for our Education Program

  • Andrew Davis Foundation
  • EPIK Foundation
  • Hestia Fund
  • Scott H. Nelson, M.D.
  • NM Match
  • McCune Charitable Foundation
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • Thornburg Investment Management
  • The Lynn Kraidin Memorial Fund and Dr. Marty Kraidin
  • Pulley Foundation
  • Mara Robinson